At present, with the information technology era to thrive, customers can easily access to many product brands and have more stringent demands on the experience of purchasing, using products (services). Therefore, D2C Marketing service becomes the current solution. Because marketing D2C has a combination of technology and marketing to help businesses manage the sales channels quickly and conveniently. At the same time, the business can reach customers directly, understand the interests and habits of customers.

The benefits and differences of Marketing D2C

D2C (Direct To Customer) is a new form of marketing that helps businesses reach and sell customers directly through effective online channels without the need for through intermediate, distributed dealers,… . Here are the benefits and differences of Marketing D2C:

Benefits of Marketing D2C

For marketing for businesses in the FMCG industry Group of consumer goods, building a direct relationship with consumers is challenging and challenging. But if done good marketing D2C, will help bring business many attractive benefits such as:

-Optimize the management efficiency of fast and closely the communication channels of the enterprise

-Reduce the cost of discount, Setup booth, products with the intermediate as dealers, retail,…

-Direct access to target customers of enterprise and business can best customer care

-Get data about habits, customer preferences and from there are marketing strategies, suitable business strategies

-Customers are assured of purchasing products from businesses without worrying about buying "fake" goods from different sources of sale

And there are many other attractive benefits

The difference of Marketing D2C

So, how to stand out from the crowd with a unique D2C channel? The D2C marketing strategy has 6 distinct points that will help make your business stand out:

• There are other ways of thinking, new ideas

• More direct and clearer message content

• Showing the value of products

• Have to build an individual relationship 1-1

• Contact frequency, customer interaction

• Build a community group on social media channels, forum with the same interests

D2C Marketing Services

For Marketing Services D2C, will give the brand a viable strategy, build a loyal customer base quickly. And with its strong focus on value-added content and virtual relationships, marketing D2C will "turn" buyers into avid fans of your products. Here are the four main segments of the D2C marketing Service:

1. Strategic planning

The first step of Marketing D2C is to involve creating a flexible plan for your business. We'll start from collecting, analyzing the target audience of your business including: Why customers should be attracted to direct purchases, what's important to customers (why customers choose to buy a business? How do customers purchase the business?).

Finally, we create a strategy that attracts and "transforms" those audiences into long-term customers. We can create a roadmap of the activities that will be needed to ensure success, then conduct strategy!

2. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is built on marketing platform and is designed to manage and track all Digital Marketing activities and offline activities of the business. This integration of Marketing Automation will help:

-Allows visibility and influence of the last customer's purchase journey, from acquisition to retention

-Provides priority features for Marketing via email and buyer orientation to websites or sites that have a great impact

-Replace enterprise management systems, provide important data and metrics for your new business live Channel

And many other benefits that Marketing Automation has to offer.

3. Social media Management

We cannot deny the benefits of social media brought in today's business world. With the construction of representatives of good social media channels for your products, will help:

-Make potential customers recognize your brand

-Attract customers to find products

-Is a major means of keeping in touch regularly with your customers

And many of the benefits from social media management bring.

In order to manage effective social media, building the content, frequency, and customer engagement are the key factors we need to focus on. In addition, we will implement programs, interact directly with customers with continuous, efficient frequency. Besides, we should take advantage of the existing channels of the enterprise to develop and build new target channels, which will help businesses reduce time and cost better.

4. Digital Advertising

Traditional advertising (flyers, banners hanging, radio, newspaper,…) has long been the cornerstone of major brand marketing programs. Although it continues to be effective in many areas, the use of Digital Advertising is a direct and more cost-effective approach. Businesses can reach customers directly and drive purchase behaviour instantly, by integrating Digital Advertising with social media and email marketing.

Let Marketing D2C help your business build an effective new marketing channel, reach customers in the best way, and have a large brand of loyal customers. Whether you're a major brand focused on building a live product channel, or a start-up business looking for a more efficient Marketing solution, D2C is considered to be the fastest and most cost-effective option available today.

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