You know, the content when posting on social media can help your business become "popular", and the followers of your brand will become fans, love brands? But conversely, it also leads the business to risk communication crisis. So how to build an effective Social Media Content strategy?

Depending on the business and target audience, we have different Social Media Content strategies. However, Social Media Content Strategies will have specific steps to help you build a long-term performance plan and help your brand grow. These steps include:

1. Define and set goals

Social Media Content is a strategy for building content, articles on social media channels such as (Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Twitter,…). The first step to setting up a Social Media Content strategy is to set goals. Having a goal will help you plan your Social Media Content more efficiently. In particular, when setting goals you need to be aware of, the more specific your marketing objectives are, the better you can tailor your social media content to meet those objectives. Besides, you can use the SMART model criteria to set goals in the best way: Specific (clear, specific) – Measurable (measurable) – Achievable (can be achieved) – Realistic (Actual) – Time-focused (completion time).

2. Social Media Content Planning

When you're clear about your goals, we can start collecting information and analyzing the communication activities that the business has done. See how the articles on previous social media channels are performing well. You can see through tools like Sprout Social, Karma Fanpage,… will help you view all data and analyse your social media media. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Business, and LinkedIn Business accounts will allow you to easily export your post and page analytics data directly from the platform.

Then, from the analysis, evaluate the data you can make the points to change in the content on social media channels so that it is appropriate and effective as: tone, language, number of words appropriate ,…

3. Build a Social Media Content post Schedule

Once you've known what's on the best performing articles and you've identified your primary goals, you can start building a post calendar for Social Media Content. When you schedule Social Media Content, you need to consider:

-What kind of content will be effective on media channels?

-What time should I post to reach the most targeted customers?

Then, you can build a post calendar that includes the effective content to post and the ideal posting time for those assets.

4. Promoting and distributing Social Media Content

In addition, an effective Social Media Content strategy is when you distribute the content of your articles so that more and more people see it. Here are some ways to help you deliver your social media content:

-Call People To action: You can also encourage customers To share your content by calling for action through questions, content that motivates customers to take action

-Use hashtags: on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, the use of hashtags will be a great way to help distribute your content, reach a wide range of target audiences

-Booking Bloggers, Influencers: You can connect with bloggers and Influencer in the field of your business. These people have "terrible" fans and have a certain level of influence on this fan base, which will help you reach more target customers.

5. Measure Results

The final step for an effective Social Media Content strategy is to measure results. This is a very important step in an effective and long-term strategy. Measuring the results achieved after each article will help you adjust, optimise your plan and achieve your goals in the fastest possible time. Some of the most important social media metrics to measure include:

-Awareness-the number of times that people see your content reflected in: impressions and reach

-Commit-the number of responses, comments, clicks and sharing of your content received

-ROI-conversion rate and additional media recognition from the audience

Making effective plans for a Social Media Content strategy is not difficult. With these essential steps will help you build and develop a successful Social Media Content strategy.

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